Meet Eric The Healer.  He is educated in the fine art of conspiracy AND the fine arts.  He is fluent in so many conspiracies that even he admits it’s hard to stay focused on one when they all are related and are so interesting.

Tonight, I try to talk with Eric about 5G technology and we occasionally side track and talk about literature, art, and Excitotoxin Aspartame Methanol Toxicity??  Eric Dadmehr is in the studio and tonight we may just talk about everything!!

Eric says, “I like to stay ahead of the curve, you remember Chemtrails, GMOs, Aspartame, Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Mandela Effect, Flat-Earth, 5G, Mudflood and Tartaria? “

“I was raised in Iran where everything was organic and food your best medicine. My Persian Sufi Dervish relatives taught me young about nutrition, health, and spirituality which directly correspond to our body, mind, and soul. Western Medicine is negligent in treating the Spirit and refuses to acknowledge that we are more than this body we temporarily live in. I have been very lucky in life meeting many health gurus and learning much about the secret in every mystery school, Urine Therapy.”

“I have been very lucky all my life born Scorpio / Chinese Year of the Tiger at 11:11 pm in Sacramento, California, but I grew up in Tehran, Iran, and Stavanger, Norway since my parents were born in those countries and traveled around the world many times before I was ten.

I visited many megalithic ancient sites in Persepolis, Shiraz, and Isfahan, counting everything, studying the symbols well, since I was illiterate in Cuneiform. It was easy for me to see that winged disks were flying from somewhere here, just like the UFOs in cartoons and giving information to the people like how to plant seeds and farm! These early years influenced my choice of earning a BA in Fine Arts at UCLA in 1986 but staying many post-graduate years until 1992 and studying Art History to produce for TV and film. The secrets have been preserved in art, that is why we went to the museum first in the war with Iraq!

I have always been a public speaker somehow getting on soapbox wooden crates talking about strange topics others found crazy, mostly UFOs. I was always different somehow but proud and not embarrassed. They laughed at me for being different and I laughed back because they were all the same! I was blonde in Iran standing out of the crowd like my mother and sister, and then when I came back to the US in 1971 was wearing colored socks and underwear in the US being different again since they all wore white! My high school class voted me the guy to go greet the aliens if they landed back in the 1970s!”

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I am Cameron Brauer and this is my alien life!

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