Brent Hand is a UFO researcher, speaker, and a co-host of the Hysteria 51 podcast on the iHeartMedia Podcast Network. Hysteria 51 and Brent are 2019 Webby Honorees and have been featured in HuffPost, Podcast Movement, KC Paracon, Planet ComiCon, and Discover Pods as well as being picked by POPSUGAR and UPROXX as one of the best conspiracy-theory podcasts in the field. He is currently working on his first book on the subject of UFOs and their impact on modern society.

Tonight we talk about podcasting, UFOs, ghosts, Area 51, exorcism, chemtrails, Bob Lazar, Bigfoot, Alex Jones, flat earth, Blink-182, cruise ships, the fake and or real moon landing… All that and more tonight on MY ALIEN LIFE podcast!!!

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I am Cameron Brauer and this is my alien life...!!

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