My guest tonight is Tom Whitmore.   Tom is from Silver Springs Maryland,  is a member of MUFON and a UFO researcher specializing in Majestic 12.

Tom says, "the UFO subject is a very difficult one.  In my quest for greater knowledge and understanding, I prefer to use the term Rational rather than Scientific. It’s hard to do real science when you don’t know where, when or how you are going to see a UFO.   This field requires patience, a long term view, and a tolerance for ambiguity. We should accept these conditions, even embrace them."

Tom has found a home in the stacks of the Library of Congress in Washington DC, and is vying to be the nations MJ-12 authority.  Tonight, Tom and I explore the mystery and faces of Majestic 12.  This is My Alien Life...


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I am Cameron Brauer and this is my alien life!


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