Lifers welcome to Alien Abduction Week on My Alien Life the Podcast.  This week we will revisit 4 podcasts that have been remixed since they aired one year ago.  For some of you, these will be brand new and they bring some insight into my world that is forever changing.  Thank you for listening.

Wednesday night April 22, I will be joined by my two best friends and I get to tell them all about THEIR alien life.  Please join me Saturday night for My Alien Life Live on Facebook..

February 2019

Hey welcome to the podcast!  I am Cameron Brauer and this is my alien life..   This show is of a journey of discovery and a documentation of my experiences that I have been trying to explain most of my life…

Since about 1972 I have had experiences that may sound familiar or may EVEN revive memories some of you have kept secret or have ignored, or as an act of self-preservation have forgotten on purpose. I have done all of the above. 

This is a UFO story, an alien story, an abduction story – but mostly it is a story of survival and coping with fear and memories.  And its true.


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Greetings human listeners.  I’m Cameron Brauer and this is My Alien Life Patron page.

My Alien Life is a podcast for those who have a story to tell, and I really wish I could get to all of your stories.  I promise to do my best.. 

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No matter what you decide, please always listen to the podcast.  That’s what I really want. We are a team, and your support is what keeps people like us going…

Thank you for being amazing, and keep listening to My Alien Life the Podcast!!




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